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Audition and Interview Preparation

These courses are designed to support applicants through the process of preparing for auditions and interviews, and offer advice for succeeding on the big day. Students will be guided through the process of selecting and practising audition pieces, or preparing a portfolio for presentation. The courses prepare students specifically for auditioning or interviewing at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, but provide skills and experience transferable to other contexts.

Acting Audition 1: Preparation (ages 16+)
Acting Audition 2: Development (ages 16+)
Acting Audition 3: Taking Direction (ages 16+)
Acting Audition 4: Mock Audition (ages 16+)

Acting: Auditioning (ages 12 – 17)

Musical Theatre Audition 1: Preparation (ages 16+)
Musical Theatre Audition 2: Development (ages 16+)
Musical Theatre Audition 3: Taking Direction (ages 16+)
Musical Theatre Audition 4: Mock Audition (ages 16+)

BA Performance in BSL and English Audition Preparation (ages 16+)

Contemporary Performance Practice Audition Preparation (ages 16+)

BEd Audition Preparation (ages 16+)

BMus Audition Preparation (ages 16+)

Filmmaking Interview Preparation (ages 16+)

Production Arts and Design Interview Preparation (ages 16+)

Production Technology and Management Interview Preparation (ages 16+)

Interview Preparation (all disciplines) (ages 12 – 17)