Attending Classes at RCS

In Person

When attending our in person classes we ask that all students:

  • turn up on time to start your class promptly
  • dress appropriately for the activity
  • keep mobile phones stored in a bag (where possible) during class
  • bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated
  • bring a notepad and pen in case you wish to take notes
  • email in advance (where possible) if you are going to be late or absent
  • in the event of arriving late, stop by the Short Courses office so a staff member can take you to your class

Additionally for children and young people attending class, we ask that:

  • all children under the age of 12 are brought into the building by a responsible adult before being left with Short Courses staff
  • all children under the age of 12 should be collected by a responsible adult from the Short Courses desk at the end of class
  • young people over the age of 12 can enter and register with a member of staff at the Short Courses desk
  • no toys or valuable belongings be brought to class


When attending our online classes we ask that all students:

  • read the welcome information that is sent to you around two weeks prior to the course start date
  • ensure that you have downloaded Microsoft Teams and Zoom as both are used for our online delivery
  • after you receive your welcome information, test that you are able to access Microsoft Teams and contact if you require support
  • ensure you are logged onto Teams at least 15 minutes prior to your first class so you can view the Zoom Codes and get into the waiting room
  • turn up to each class promptly, ready to start
  • dress appropriately for online activity
  • have water nearby to stay hydrated
  • have a notebook/pen nearby if you wish to take notes
  • ensure the space you are working in is suitable for your class (clear away any trip hazards)
  • make sure your internet connection is stable and able to support the delivery of online classes

Additionally for children and young people attending online classes, we ask that:

  • for students under the age of 13, a responsible adult is available to give the tutor a quick wave at the start of class to confirm they are aware their young person is engaging in online activity
  • a responsible adult is nearby to offer technical support if required


All COVID-19 rules and restrictions have been lifted in Scotland, but the virus has not gone away.

We ask that our students and staff remain cautious to protect others in the RCS community. The Scottish Government recommends that we use ‘covid sense’ and offers the following guidance:

  • get your vaccine when offered to ensure you are fully protected
  • stay at home if you’re unwell with symptoms or have a fever
  • open windows when socialising indoors
  • wash your hands to protect yourself

RCS Guidelines:

  • We currently do not require mask wearing on campus
  • In order to keep students and staff across the Conservatoire safe, we ask that you do not attend class if you test positive for COVID-19

If you have any questions about the information above please email us at