On 1 September 2011 we changed our name from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

This is a significant new chapter in the story of one of Europe’s leading conservatoires. We have evolved from our foundation in 1847 to provide outstanding specialist learning to the highest professional level for the world’s new artists in dance, drama, music, production, screen and education. We can’t list all of these in one name, so the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is the perfect choice to express this unusually rich combination of artistic disciplines.

Alongside undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, we make our excellent quality of tuition across all disciplines available to people of all ages and stages. Our range of evening, weekend, short courses, summer schools and Continuing Professional Development is extensive. In fact this is an area of growth and all courses that are not undergraduate or postgraduate are now under the umbrella of Short Courses.

Our very successful Junior Academy of Music for talented 9-18 year olds has become the Junior Conservatoire of Music and provision at this level is now available in the Junior Conservatoire of Drama, Modern Ballet and more.

In 2012 we introduced our innovative new curriculum which was designed to meet the needs of the professional companies around the world who want confident, reflective, adaptable artists. The curriculum creates the space for disciplinary excellence, choice and transdisciplinary co-creation and underpins our position as a new-model of conservatoire for the 21st century.

Our name is part of our ongoing journey to find routes to excellence.

As the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland we will continue to create the future for performance.


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