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Short Courses

Courses designed to help develop your vocal and presentation skills – suitable for all professions and sectors

Whatever sector you work in or whether you are in individual simply wanting to develop your confidence, the courses we offer are designed to help you perfect your technique. Some are more suited to actors but others are appropriate for people from any profession. People who have attended our courses in the past include HR Directors, fundraisers, teachers and bank managers. Courses generally take place at our premises in Renfrew Street but we are also able to come and work in your business. Talk to us and find out more.

  • Talking Business – The Art of Vocal Communication
  • The Actor’s Voice
  • Accents and Dialects: An Introduction
  • Communicate with Confidence
  • The Theatre Voice

Talking Business – The Art of Vocal Communication

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Our renowned Centre for Voice in Performance puts its talents at your disposal to help improve and develop your public speaking skills. The course looks at coping strategies for calming nerves, discovering and exploring vocal qualities and examining the effect of different acoustics on the voice. This course is specifically designed to build vocal confidence for anyone who has to speak in a public context, whether you are a teacher, trainer, team-leader, toastmaster or simply tongue-tied. The cost to attend this full day session is £90 per person. The cost to buy the training commercially for your organisation (maximum 15 people) is £1,000 plus VAT. Previous attendees have included HR directors, higher education specialists, fundraisers, NHS managers, teachers and bank managers.

‘The presenter was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience’.

‘A hugely useful day; I will take away with me a greater confidence in giving presentations.’

‘One of the most useful courses I have attended. Really helpful and well delivered.’

For more information contact Jean Sangster / 0141 270 8217

The Actor’s Voice

Oct 14-15 2017

This intensive course is for adults and theatre professionals interested in the core voice techniques used by the Royal Conservatoire’s Centre for Voice in Performance.

By the end of the course students should have:

  • Gained a greater understanding of how the human voice works
  • Identified the key principles of the relaxed body and supported voice
  • Learned to apply these core techniques to work with text
  • Experienced the delivery of text using the full voice and the four voice qualities

Courses run throughout the year. Contact Lifelong Learning on 0141 270 8213

Accents and Dialects: An Introduction

Sept 9th 2017

A custom-built, two hour workshop designed for anyone who needs practical assistance on ‘doing accents’.

The first part of the workshop focuses on the basics of dialect acquisition, looking at some of the geographical, historical and social factors that influence accents as well as the physical aspects of reproducing accents, Alongside the use of breath, muscularity, placement, rhythm, resonance, intonation and major vowel/consonant shifts, the use and importance of imagination to inspire ways into the accent is also examined. The second part of the workshop focuses on the practical exploration of one or more specific accents by the participants who are all encouraged to ‘have a go!’

Please contact Lifelong Learning on 0141 270 8213

Communicate with Confidence

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During this bespoke workshop participants will explore the many different sources of energy required for effective, confident voice use. Participants will be lead through a range of simple exercises from looking at posture and breathing to personal investment in communication They will also investigate different strategies and skills for communicating with confidence. Dedicated, bespoke training can also be designed for groups on request. Recent clients have included SHARE (Scottish Housing Associations), East Lothian Council and the Judicial Skills Committee.

Please contact / 0141 270 8217 to discuss your training needs.

The Theatre Voice

May 26-28 2017

An intensive three-day voice and text workshop for theatre practitioners (voice, movement and singing teachers, directors, writers, devisers) which provides an opportunity for theatre professionals to investigate the voice and the potential of the Centre’s voice work to open creativity.

Within this practical workshop, each participant will have individual time on her/his own voice as well as group work. Time will also be set aside for discussion examining, in particular, the connection of the voice work to participants’ own theatre-making practices.

For further information contact / 0141 270 8217