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Knowledge Exchange

‘Knowledge exchange’ is a term used throughout the higher education sector to describe activity which connects people, practice and ideas between the research environment and the wider world, enhancing people’s quality of life, promoting prosperity and adding to the cultural enrichment of our society.

This spirit of exchange is embedded throughout the Conservatoire. Informed research and collaborative practice forms an essential part of student life and is threaded throughout the new curriculum. Research active staff share their knowledge, innovation, performance and educational expertise through numerous projects and consultancies with our partners in the community and the commercial sector.


Here is an example of one of our KE partnerships:

In 2009 we instigated a new knowledge exchange agreement with Red Note Ensemble , as our Contemporary Ensemble-in-Residence. This first arrangement of its kind sees the Red Note Ensemble share its expertise in the performance and promotion of composition and contemporary performance practice with the Royal Conservatoire; combining the talent and innovation from the Conservatoire with the industry knowledge and world class performance experience of the Red Note Ensemble.

This arrangement has led to a series of highly successful concerts and performances of new works from the students and staff at the Conservatoire and performances side by side with performers from our own student-led MusicLab. Building on these successful endeavours, together we now look to new ways to redefine the traditional relationship between an ensemble in residence and a higher education institution. By applying an industry-focussed ethos to our creative productions, engaging in long term development with the staff and student base thus creating a supportive framework for true innovation, allowing our new work to have a much greater lifespan than the more traditional ‘commission-one performance’ model.