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Our research

Staff across both schools of the Conservatoire pursue a variety of research interests; from these interests research themes have emerged which are listed below along with profiles of the staff working in that area.

Original Work

Our staff members are at the forefront of the creation of new work in the performing arts. Through new compositions, plays, performances, and cross disciplinary work, the creative practitioners at the Royal Conservatoire are consistently recognised for their internationally leading work

Scotland’s Cultural Life

As a world-renowned centre for learning and performance in Scottish music, we contribute through our research to this growing field of scholarship and generate substantial innovation in traditional music practices.

The Arts in Civil Society

At the Conservatoire we also examine and develop our role and responsibilities within the wider community. Through the work of our staff we have instigated and developed numerous projects that increase access to the performing arts and seek new ways to meaningfully stimulate greater public participation and new insights into art’s place in society.

Exploring Artistic Perspectives

At the forefront of practice-based research; our performer-researchers undertake projects re-contextualising existing works, finding new ways into repertoire and sharing their insights through wide dissemination.

Scholarship for Performance

As a Conservatoire whose mission is to create the future for performance, we also use more traditional scholarly approaches to understand the wider context for the performance of established repertoire.