Excellent staff, passionate about what they do

We are unable to list all our staff on one page, however you can find details of our Heads of Department below. More comprehensive staff information including contact details and biographies are available in the relevant programme section.

Senior Management Team

  • Principal – Professor Jeffrey Sharkey
  • Director of Music – Dr Gordon Munro
  • Director of Drama, Dance, Production and Film – Hugh Hodgart
  • Conservatoire Secretary – Ewan Hainey
  • Director of Finance and Estates – Alan Smith
  • Director of Human Resources – Jackie Russell
  • Director of Academic Innovation – Andrew Comrie
  • Director of External Relations – Janette Harkess

Heads of Programmes

Music departments

Drama, Dance, Production and Film


  • Head of Estates – Gary Brunton
  • Head of Information Services – Caroline Cochrane
  • Head of Junior Conservatoire of Music – Francis Cummings
  • Academic Registrar – Suzanne Daly
  • Head of Technical Production – Lynfryn Mackenzie