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First ever RCS Bridge Week for T20/40 students

T20/40: News

16 Feb 2017

Last week, RCS students got creative as they took part in Bridge Week, the now annual festival where students from all disciplines come together to invent new, exciting work. This year was no exception and for the first time, Transitions 20/40 students were part of the programme.

The T20/40 Bridge Week group, from L to R, Gudrun, Marissa, Abbie, Declan, Patricia and John

Led by RCS Contemporary Performance Practice graduate Gudrun Soley, students from our acting, music, filmmaking and production routes collaborated all week, culminating in a participatory performance entitled ‘Roll the Dice’. The piece invited audiences to get involved in a variety of competitive, reflective and entertaining tasks, all held within the Jack Bruce Space in the RCS Café Bar.

Music student Patricia attended the entire week, devising and performing a section where she asked participants to reflect on a variety of musical pieces. She commented on her experience:

“I really enjoyed the whole experience and it was definitely something I would not forget.

“I feel that the Bridge Week Project gave me an opportunity for me to meet new people, explore my creativity and build my confidence, as well as working with others. Mostly, it gave me an opportunity to share my passion in music to other people and I am glad that they enjoyed what I had to share to them.”

RCS Contemporary Performance Practice graduate Gudrun Soley

The dice-led interactions centered on themes of memory and chance, via a variety of forms including role play adventures and quick-fire quizzes. Overall, around 100 RCS students were rumoured to have taken part in the festival, with works including a play about a cat on a mission to rescue a little girl and a Scottish musical set in 90s Glasgow.

T20/40 students John and Abbie