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Case Study 2

Laurie has been involved with the Transitions programme at RCS for 2 years and is now looking forward to applying to the Undergraduate programme.

Up until the age of 11, I lived with my mum and my brother. Then, my mum met her new partner and…he made us move to get away from a lot of stuff, including my Dad.

I felt quite isolated…a new school…my friends left behind…and then my brother left home.

I noticed I was being manipulated, and I put up with it for a bit…when I was 15, there was this big argument…and anyway…my mum kicked me out.

My dad took me in, but he didn’t have the space – I was sleeping on the couch. So my brother took me. He had to get a bigger flat to do that, and I had to work to earn my keep.

I don’t really speak to my mum much, and I do see my Dad, but he isn’t a large part of my life – so now, I live with my brother – he is my main care-giver. He encouraged me to apply for RCS – so did my Dad. That was after I met one of the Transitions Coordinators who told me about the programme. When I came for my audition, the coordinator was there, and they remembered me…and I got onto Transitions.

I don’t feel like I’d be who I am if it wasn’t for RCS. The past 2 years have helped me in so many ways. I get help on my pathway to being a performer, but also…I get financial support – my brother doesn’t earn a lot. I wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff here without that. If I ever have an issue, big, small, at home or here, I know I can pick up the phone or email and have someone to talk to and I feel that is so important as no-one should ever feel isolated or that they are on their own.

Not everywhere is like that – I know all the coordinators will do anything for us – it’s such a big emotional support and I feel like that’s so important. If you are care experienced – apply – just do it – it doesn’t matter if you don’t get in the first time –there’s people here who will support you. See, when I applied, I wasn’t at a good stage in my life, but somebody saw my potential and that’s what’s so important.

My hope is to get onto the undergraduate programme here – I feel like this place supports you in a different way to anywhere else – it’s had such a big impact for me. But I want to get in for me… I don’t want being care experienced to be the reason why I get in – it’s great to have people see me for who I am.



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