Attending Classes at RCS

RCS require all students aged 12+ to show a negative lateral flow confirmation email at the entrance to RCS. This test must have been taken within 72 hours of the time you require entry to the campus. We will only look at the result, and not retain any data.

If you do not show a negative test result obtained within the last 72 hours, which must be a confirmatory email AND NOT A NEGATIVE TEST CASSETTE, you will not be admitted to RCS buildings that day.

To register your negative lateral flow test and receive your confirmation email/text, please follow this link:

It is expected that at all times you will be respectful to the person or persons checking your test result. Please be patient if this takes a moment. Remember to arrive in good time for the activity you intend to undertake in the building in case of short delays on account of checks.

  • Take a lateral flow test within 72 hours of attending class
  • Register your results here:
  • Be prepared to show your confirmation email/text to the person on the door

Students without a confirmation email/text will not be admitted to the building.

All students attending the building

  • Should continue to wear their masks (unless medically exempt)
  • Should socially distance where possible
  • Continue to wash hands regularly, use the hand sanitisers and clean touch points before and after class.

Throughout September social distancing measures will remain in place, as will strict limits on room and building capacities. This applies to all students and staff including the Short Courses programme. The following safety measures will be in place at least until the October break when they will be reviewed by our Health and Safety Department.

Key information:

  • Students should arrive just before their class is due to begin as there are currently no waiting areas in the building.
  • Parents and carers will not be able to enter the building. Primary age students will be collected/dropped off by a member of staff at the front door of the building. Secondary age students are able to make their own way to their classroom.
  • Adult students should attend their class alone as we are only able to admit people to the building who are signed up to a course.
  • All students will be required to wear a face mask when travelling from the front door to their classroom (unless medically exempt).
  • Secondary age students and adults will be required to wear a face mask during their class when undertaking any activity which is considered to be higher risk. This will be managed by class tutors.
  • Students are asked to sanitise their hands before entering the building.
  • Students are asked to try and keep 1m apart from others in the corridors and classrooms.
  • A one-way system is in place within the RCS building which staff and students must use.

Students must not attend their class if they:

  • Have been contacted by Test and Protect and asked to self-isolate. They are able to return to classes once the period of isolation has finished.
  • Are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19.

If a student is contacted by Test and Protect or receives a positive test result within 48 hours of attending a Short Courses class, they should contact us as soon as possible by email at the address below.

If you have any questions about the information above please email us on