Tell us about your background

I was born and raised in Volos, a small city in Greece, a young boy with big dreams. From a young age, it was always emphasised how I couldn’t stay still. When it was time to select a specialisation for higher education, I eventually decided the best way to do that was through expressing my emotions but also making an impact on people through movement.

“And just like that” (as Sarah Jessica Parker says in Sex and the City – lame, but I love it!) I came to be the youngest Greek judge in history of Dancing with the Stars on tv and the first Greek person on the cover of the UK’s best-selling LGBTQI+ magazine, Attitude, in 2019. Whilst my TedX speech, I am not just a dancer has reached over 100k views. I feel incredibly grateful.


What was it like studying in Glasgow?

I will be honest, challenging to say the least. But without challenges comes no knowledge. I learned so much about the diversity in human nature but also about human psychology and subsequently about myself. My strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

It was so educative to be able to explore the different types of people, cultures, backgrounds and talents, especially through studying in RCS. I had my bad moments as I was living far from home at 18 but Glasgow and its people were so welcoming and warm.


What have you been up to since you graduated?

I have paved my way through focusing on my performing abilities as a dancer and dance creations as a choreographer. I have been very lucky (yes, luck plays a vital role in the performing industry) to be accepted in productions that I am so grateful for. Little Match Girl by Arthur Pita (Sadler’s Wells), a Kate Moss advert by Charlotte Tilbury and Map of Hell by National Geographic US to name a few.

I also founded a registered non-profit organisation, Culture Select, operating between Greece and the UK, with a mission to support innovative performing professionals by creating accessible work in new productions and by offering a new mentorship program for career development.


Describe RCS in three words

Nurture your best.


What has been the most memorable moment of your career to date?

Tough question. I will share the one that immediately comes to mind. The moment I stepped in for rehearsal on the Royal Opera House’s stage. What a moment to dance on the stage that Maria Callas, Carlos Acosta, and various other larger-than-life artists performed on.


What’s next for you?

I’m thrilled to be going on a UK Tour with Opera North at the end of this year to revive one of my most favourite dance roles, the role of Dragonfly in Cunning Little Vixen.

Soon enough I will be back with The Royal Opera performing for Turandot as well. It hasn’t been easy or busy for so many dancers in the last few months, but I am so grateful that I know have some jobs to look forward to.

A performer dances in a bent pose with their arms raised behind them