RCS holds auditions internationally!  If you wish to audition at any of the locations below, we encourage you to submit your application (via UCAS Conservatoires) at least one month in advance to guarantee your place at your requested audition site.  Applications received less than one month in advance cannot be guaranteed a live audition, though we will make every effort to fit you in.

If you are outside the UK, please remember that you can always submit a recorded audition instead of auditioning live and it will be reviewed equally.  More information can be found in our Apply section of the website.

Auditions are currently being planned for:

  • Australia – Modern Ballet auditions only in Sydney, anticipated February 2019
  • Canada – Drama auditions only in Toronto, anticipated January 2019
  • China – Music auditions only in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, anticipated November 2018
  • Japan – Modern Ballet auditions only in Tokyo and Kyoto, anticipated December 2018
  • Korea – Drama or Music auditions only in Seoul, anticipated December 2018
  • Singapore – Music auditions only in Singapore, anticipated November 2018
  • USA – Music auditions only in New York, anticipated January 2018
  • USA – Drama auditions only in New York and Chicago, anticipated January-February 2018

If you think it would be useful for us to audition in your country, or if you would like to enquire as to whether or not we have a recruitment visit planned for your country, please email hello@rcs.ac.uk.

International contacts

We have nominated representatives in several nations. If you would like further detailed information or would like to book an audition with RCS, please contact our representative in your country:

If you are an agent and wish to represent the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, please contact us on hello@rcs.ac.uk for more information.