Into The New: As Real as Reality by Maria Monteiro


Stream Available: 27/03/2021 - 30/03/2021

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This is an audience within an audience within an audience, a screen within a screen within a screen, a reality within a reality within a reality, a stage within a stage within a stage, a text within a text within a text, a lie within a lie within a lie. This is you within you within me. Careful with what you wish to believe, there is no reality in Reality TV. xoxo, Cosmo We accept the reality of the world which we are presented. We sit down, relax, and feel relieved. We are spectators. We are only here to be entertained. Are you happy now or do you want another version of myself? Careful with what you wish for, perspective is in the eye of the beholder and change is in the hands of those who dare. Good luck, Maria

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