Emergence Festival 2023 - Exes: A Horrific Cabaret

The Glue Factory

27 Jan 2023 - 28 Jan 2023

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Exes: A Horrific Cabaret

“I don’t believe in the glorification of murder. I do believe in the empowerment of women.”- Lady Gaga

A comedy cabaret about two friends who go too far seeking revenge after a breakup, and what they discover along the way… featuring hits by Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and more, these two femme fatales will show you a bloody good time!

You left me crashing in a blazing fall
Crimson red paint on my lips
If a man talks shit, somebody’s gotta catch him out
If you’re not afraid to get a little crazy,
take a Louisville slugger and don’t regret one bit.
We’ll make it look oh so easy.
It’s our prerogative to have a little fun
So we’ll keep doing it over and over again…

Age Restrictions: 16+
Content Warnings: Strobing, loud noises, audience participation
Trigger Warnings: Fake blood, violence, murder, weapons, misandry, discussions of sexual assault, strong language

Maia Journeau (Co-Creator, Additional Musical Arrangements, Pianist, Performer)
Moriah Austin-Brantly (Co-Creator & Performer)
Gail Tay (Musical Director and Musical Arranger)

Photo Editor: Alyssa Villaneuva


Maia Journeau is an African American, French-Canadian actor, producer, and singer

Theatre credits include: Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill & The Dutch Courtesan (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); Twelfth Night (Shakespeare’s Globe/Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); Lancashire Lass (Watershed Festival); The Wolves, Concord Floral, Cabaret, Avenue Q (DAN School of Drama and Music at Queens University).

TV/Film Credits Include: Mirrors (RCS On the Verge Festival); Happy Together (Focus Film Festival).

Radio Credits Include: Talk to Me (Cellar Door Project).

Maia holds a BA Honours in Drama and Economics from Queen’s University with a training partnership at The Shaw Festival and Theatre Kingston. She was awarded the Arts Management Scholarship upon graduation for outstanding leadership as a producer and multidisciplinary artist by combining her comprehensive athletic background, extensive vocal and musical training, and seeking accessibility & diversity in theatre. She will be applying for the Graduate visa upon completion of the MFA.
Spotlight Pin: 2250-1278-3117

Moriah Austin-Brantly is an actor and singer from the United States. She holds a BA in Political Science and Theatre Studies from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Theatre credits include: The Last Witch and As You Like It (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); Twelfth Night (Shakespeare’s Globe Education/Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); Spring Awakening, Eurydice, and Much Ado About Nothing (St. Mary’s College of Maryland).

Film/TV Credits include: Cosa Mi Piace (RCS On the Verge Festival).

Gail Tay is a musical director and musician from Singapore. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Musical Directing from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Piano Performance from LASALLE College of the Arts. Gail was an adjunct faculty member at LASALLE College of the Arts, undertaking the role of assistant Musical Director from 2018 – 2021.

Arranging credits include: Christmas at the Conservatoire (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); Commercial Concert (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); Cameron Mackintosh Medley (for Cameron Mackintosh, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); A Night of Cabarets (LASALLE College of the Arts)

Music Directing credits include: The Baker’s Wife Actor-Muso (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland); Tissue Aunty the Musical (Caricapture Theatre) The Spitfire Grill (LASALLE College of the Arts); The Evolution of Musical Theatre (LASALLE College of the Arts); A Night of Cabarets (LASALLE College of the Arts); Mini Musicals (LASALLE College of the Arts).


Dates & Times

Saturday 28th January

17:55 - 18:35 (Approx: 40 mins)