Emergence Festival 2023 - Unfeathered

The Glue Factory

27 Jan 2023 - 28 Jan 2023

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Following the death of his brother Thomas, Connie finds himself enmeshed in grief. Days bleed together and life loses its joy as the young man tries to rationalise his loss. While in this malaise a  bird crashes into Connie’s window, bringing with it more than just broken wings. Soon Connie finds himself face to face with the man he’s mourning and takes comfort in the ghost’s familiarity. However this comfort soon starts to spoil as Thomas’ obsession with birds and Connie’s inability to let his brother go threaten to destroy them both.

Matthew Jeffery (Writer + Director)
Zackary Moore (Writer + Actor)
Brendan Marshall-Rashid (Writer + Actor)

Age Restrictions: 12A
Content Warning: Partial Nudity
Trigger Warnings: Bodily Fluids, Death, Animal Death, Violence, Swearing, Mental Health, Grief

This event is a live screening of the short film. The film will be available for digital access on the Emergence Festival webpage at the conclusion of the live festival.

Dates & Times

Saturday 28th January

21:30 - 21:50 (Approx: 20 mins)