Into The New: The Unholy Knight By Miro Santeri


Stream Available: 26/03/2021 - 29/03/2021

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  • Description
A hooded character is journeying through a dark snowy forest, holding a torch high in his hand. Trying to claim something that was once lost he wanders through memories and nightmares as darkness materializes before him in various ungodly forms. As the hooded figure travels through the forest, he meets different mythical archetypes such as those of the King and the Witch, who try to help the traveller in becoming the champion of the Ruler, a legendary knight. Coldness and Darkness are brutal forces of the North and they hold powerful magic in them. This magic can be incapacitating, but it can also be empowering for the one who believes that darkness is much more than just the absence of the light. The Unholy Knight is a horror-themed video art piece that explores ancient magic of the North, operating in the world of witchcraft, folklore and myth. The piece has taken inspiration from old Finnish incantations and Scandinavian Black Metal combined with Arthurian legends.
This work involves nudity, disturbing atmospheres and references to Satan and blasphemy. The piece also involves hard lights and loud sounds
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