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Loveplay by Moira Buffini

Loveplay takes place in a single location, travelling through 2000 years of history and depicts intimacy, violence, transactions, and love. The ensemble comes together to seek out love and each other through the ages, to celebrate the here and now, navigate the new normal and strive for justice and equality.


Trigger Warnings

Sexual violence, rape, death, abusive relationships, mentions of animal abuse, depictions of violence, references to nudity


Cast List:

Magdalen Vaugn: 

Dorcas (Classical Age)

Saxon Woman (Dark Age)

Hilda (New Millennium)

Flynn (Age of Innocence)

Brigitta (Age of Excess)

Allison Mickelson:

Gilda (New Millennium)

Helen (Renaissance)

Marianne (Age of Enlightenment)

Miss Tilley (Romantic Age)

Lynne (Age of Innocence)

Rita (Age of Excess)

Ana Sanchez:

Mathilda (New Millennium)

Roxanne (Age of Enlightenment)

Milley (Romantic Age)

Joy (Age of Austerity)

Anita (Age of Excess)

Morgan Hooper:

Marcus (Classical Age)

Man (Age of Enlightenment)

Dieter (Age of Excess)

Connor McLean:

Deric (Dark Age)

Mister Quilley (Romantic Age)

Gwyn (Age of Innocence)

Peter (Age of Excess)

Kenichi Ri:

Herek (Dark Age)

Llewellyn (Renaissance)

Buttermere (Age of the Empire)

Boy (Age of Austerity)

Oliver Watton:

Eric (Dark Age)

Llewellyn (Renaissance)

Buttermere (Age of the Empire)

Boy (Age of Austerity)

Music: Tall Man Strut by  Loveshadow

Special Thanks to Robyn Ayers whose picture was used in the video.


This amateur production is Performed and directed by MA/MFA Classical and Contemporary Text students.


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