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Macbeth is Shakespeare’s shortestyet most unrelentingly gruesometragedy.  Swayed by his aspirational wife, a noblewar hero embarks on a spiralling path of murder and deceit to become King of Scotland.  The play is a rollercoaster tale of excessivedesire anddark conscience that leads topsychological disorder and tyrannyset in a landscape of witchcraft, war and the supernaturalIt is a succinct and bloody thriller which charts the descent of a good man into his own personal hell. 


Charlie Duncan as Witch/Queen Duncan/Lennox

Mary Jensik as Witch/Fleance/Doctor

Katya Searle as Witch/Lady Macduff/Gentlewoman

Michael McCardie as Malcolm

Joseph Vaiana as Macduff

Brian McKigen as Ross

Henry Ashton – Macbeth

Reno Cole – Banquo /Son of MacDuff/Siward

Rosie Hart as Lady Macbeth

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