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Available Until: 31/03/2021

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Welcome to EEL inc., where cutting edge behavioural science data meets deep learning Artificial Intelligence. Our technologies are subtle and effective, and our newest Human Resources technology will subversively improve the utility of knowledge workers as they live and breathe.

Our performance is a short guided training, wherein the audience-AI will be visible and present on Zoom, and asked to calibrate their brand new digital avatars and environments. We have devised show where a sense of play and disbelief reign, posing questions about the agency of both Artificial Intelligence and ourselves as we work and live in the Anthropocene. 

Audiences will participate in small groups, less than 15 people per audience, and are invited to participate only so much as they desire. Whether you choose to be visible and active, or have your audio/video inactive the entire time, your presence will be invaluable to the success of our training. You will be guided by a former CEO, a computer scientist and the non-existant hug of your AI brethren also participating in the training. 

The world of the play exists parallel to the society we live in today and utilizes Zoom to highlight the sensory experiences we take for granted, especially in the workplace. The audience will receive a brief communication orienting them to the world after booking tickets.

We invite you to put your mind into hardware and turn on a new existence during the brief and thought-provoking performance of EEL. 

Accessibility: Captioned
Age: 14+

Dates & Times

Available Until: 31/03/2021



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