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A short little film that is absolutely based on real-life but at the same time completely not based on real-life, well, not mine anyway. That leads uto the question of how long do you stay in a bath until it’s cold? This untrue film is inspired by the lyrics of the Talking Heads. Things I have learned making this film: always wear sunscreen, upon meeting always greet cats at Ms. and dogs as a Mr. because cats are female and dogs are male, I can also now wholeheartedly say that no, Kubrick did not fake the moon landing and I’m sorry if you think he did as this film is not for you. I know now David Byrne is a master of music, I’ve learned that biscuits are not for dunking in coffee but a croissant sure can, if someone asks if your hand is bigger than your face do not hold the hand up to your face and measure.  Take this as you will but the sunscreen could just save your life. I do wish we could bring French New Wave back but maybe I wouldn’t like the new wave that’d come with it.

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