Stream Available: 16/08/2021 - 30/08/2021

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Please Note, Selene will go live on 16/08/21.


Selene is Inspired by the RCS’ graduate acting course’s explorations of the unconscious and the writings of Harold Pinter. Persevering through the global pandemic and filming on a minimal budget using an iPhone, this short film was conceived by Robyn Faye, Morgan Hooper and Andre Silva. It serves as an exploration of love that is haunted by the mistakes trapped within time and dares to navigate the waters where time is unbound.


“Tell me the story of how we met.”


“I’ll tell you the story of how we’ll meet again…”


In this unconventional story, three poets traverse moonscapes, dreamscapes and heart-scapes to solve the riddle of elusive love. Does their tale begin at the end, conclude where it started, or roam somewhere along the winding paths of passion and memory? Time distorts with each new encounter, and the eyes gazing across the room are never the same – but perhaps this matters little. When the cyclical patterns of the heart wax and wane like the midnight orb above, the only question worth asking is, “This time around, how have I changed?”


Duration: 22 minutes

Accessibility: Closed Caption

Age: 14 +

Content warning: adult content, strong language, and themes of death


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