Perkin Warbeck: A Masque of Anamnesis


Stream Available: 21/06/2021 - 05/07/2021

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Please note this performance goes live at 4pm on the 21st June. This performance is also rated for people 15 and over.

Who is Perkin Warbeck?

Fourteen years ago: a coup d’état.To claim the throne, Richard III’s nephews, Edward V and Richard Plantagenet, were murdered in the Tower of London. Or were they?

Perkin Warbeck proclaims what all of Europe knows: he is Richard Plantagenet, survived in secret and rightful heir to the Crown of England. He is come to challenge Henry VII, who proclaims what all of Europe knows: Perkin Warbeck is an imposter – a nobody from Tournai and nothing but a clever forgery.

Febrile uncertainty reigns. Everything is in flux. No one knows who or what they are. As the conflict between Perkin and Henry gathers strength, a deeper and more fundamental conflict emerges from within, destabilizing politics, love, fealty, even identity.

A history play about people who have lost all connection to their history, this performance examines what happens when a people cease to know who they are.


Directed and Adapted by Marc Silberschatz

Assistant Director Katie Jackson

Set and Costume Designer Alisa Kalyanova

Lighting Designer Mhairhi Burton Coyle

Sound Designer Gerrie Victor

Camera and Editing Gergor Barclay

Costume Supervisor Ailsa Munro



Cast (in order of appearance)

Crawford / Catesby Daniel Kvoras

Richard III Andre Silva

Henry VII Morgan Hooper

Sir William Stanley Magdalen Vaughn

Bishop of Durham Shanae’a Moore

Daubeney Tafar Chia Lewis

Urswick Robyn Faye

Oxford Kenichi Ri

Lambert Simnel / Edward V Connor McLean

Huntley Magnus Rook

Daliell Oliver Watton

Katherine / Queen Elizabeth Holly Cattle

James IV / Duchess of York Ana Sanchez

Perkin Warbeck / Richard Plantagenet Allison Mickelson



Production Manager Kevin Murray

Stage Manager Rhiannon Mitchell

Deputy Stage Manager Carolina Madriz

Assistant Stage Manager Anne Peart

Head of Stage Steve Macluskie

Stage Crew Rory Gilmore Euan Dyer Gabor Csiszer

Production Electrician Amy Dawson

Lighting Technicians Lauren Murison Caitlin Riddell

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