Plug 2: Sonic Nights

Ledger Recital Room

08 May 2023

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TRIGGER WARNING: flashing strobe lights.

PLUG is a launch pad for the new experiments and exciting ideas bouncing around RCS.

As part of the festival we present an exciting concert of live musicians paired with electronics on the RCS multichannel sound system.    

Junqi Wan 
Si Mian Chu Ge (Embattled)
Tom MacFadyen 
Melissa Rankin 
Leezie Lindsay

R Frances

Relentlessly Empty
Kerr McLean 
In the After

Seyoung Oh 

Mountain Inside the Mountain
Daniela Gassi 
Connor Bristow
The Rendering Dream
Calum Walker 
Extraction Point


Junqi Wan Guzheng
Stephanie Lamprea Voice
Seyoung Oh Voice
Dani Woodnutt Trumpet
Rosland Wright Orr Saxophone
Megan Warnock Double bass
Sam Cleary Electric guitar
Rosy Lewcun Cello
Yeva Panchenko Harp