Secret Mischiefs


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Secret Mischiefs

From the works of William Shakespeare
Adapted and Directed by Alasdair Hunter
Performed by second year students from the BA Acting programme

Theatre’s origins can be traced to a tribe of people enacting the hunt of the woolly mammoth. Through such an act of performance the tribe passed on crucial knowledge to the bodies and minds of those who had not yet been on an actual hunt.  Going through the motions of such an act increased their likelihood of success and survival when it came to the real thing.

In Secret Mischiefs you will not see a woolly mammoth. The monsters in these plays are subtle, false, and treacherous. They are the monsters of our current world.

Our hope is that through telling these stories we will be more prepared to survive the monsters we meet.

Alasdair Hunter

These performances are dedicated to our wonderful friend Timothy Chiwaula (1998 – 2021).
Words aren’t enough to describe how much Tim and his tremendous soul meant to all of us. We hope to carry his infectious energy, brilliant laugh and love of performance forward in all the work we do.
We will miss him forever.
This one, and all that follow, will be for you Timmy.

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Jacob Collins as Richard
Sukey Willis as Buckingham / Escalus
Puvan Sanghera as Elizabeth
Shannon Watson as Anne / Richmond
Matt Barnigham as Margaret / Clarence
Benjamin Osugo as Duchess / Hastings
James Crutcher as Angelo
Ferdinand McKay as Duke
Tia Benvenuti as Isabella
Tucker St Ivany as Claudia / Mariana's Lawyer
Adam Kane as Lucio