Into The New: Short/Long: Long/Short by Jack MacMillan - Durational Performance

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Stream Available: 25/02/2021 - 28/03/2021

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Jack MacMillan – Short/Long: Long/Short – Durational Performance 
27 February to 7 March 11:00-16:00 
Into the New 2021 presents 10 premieres of live art, films and performance from 25-28 March 2021. Ahead of the digital festival, Jack MacMillan presents a live streamed durational performance. 
Once you book a ticket you will receive a link to the live stream, watch anytime throughout the performance.  
Short/Long : Long/Short looks at the relationship between my friend and I over the past months and our engagement with long excursions as a means of connecting with, and providing support for, each other during a turbulent time. 
This durational performance aims to interrogate what these journeys have been able to achieve; not just the inherent achievement that comes with completing a long task, but how undertaking these journeys has facilitated communication and support at a time in our lives when we feel uncertain and in need of guidance. This piece is a reaction to locking down and the stagnancy of imposed restriction. Short/Long : Long/Short explores how we have used movement as a means to combat feelings of being stuck geographically, emotionally and creatively. 
We will be undertaking a long excursion over the course of 10 days within the Edinburgh City area. Within a 5 mile radius, We will walk the 100 mile distance that we had originally planned to travel, which was between the east and the west coast of Scotland. The work features footage of this journey alongside a durational performance re-tracing this distance traveled solo.
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