Emergence Festival: Synapse

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Synesthesia: malfunction or magical power?

Content to walk through life alone, a bitter but quick-witted woman with an untapped ability must jump to a new world where the very thing that isolates her is the key to finding not only a family, but a purpose. “What if I’m not defective? What if the way I see our world is how it really is but others just can’t sense it?”

Written by Shanae’a Moore and original music by Siobhan Dyson, you will dive into an immersive audio journey through the mind of a synesthete.

Join the adventure from the comfort of your home. Best experienced with headphones.

Shanae’a Moore (Writer and Director)
Siobhan Dyson (Composer)
Robyn Faye (Performer)
Morgan Hooper (Performer)
Daniel Kvoras (Performer)
Allison Mickelson (Performer)
Magnus Rook (Performer)
Magdalen Vaughn (Performer)
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