Emergence Festival: The Interrogation

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Justice, or Vengeance? Two concepts, although different in nature, are easily blurred and confounded by those too deep in throws of emotion. Detective K seeks to accomplish the former, using every manipulative tool in his essence to conduct the interrogation. Is it justice he truly seeks? Or is it a guise, to hide his true agenda?

The Interrogation is a screenplay written by Kenichi Ri, which aims to address the morality of the American technique of conducting an interrogation. In a world where the police were idealized to be paragons of justice, throughout history there have been plenty of incidents that are less so. After long hours of research, Kenichi and his team have produced art which aims to showcase an interrogation as real as possible.

Kenichi Ri (Writer and Performer)
Adam Walsh (Director)
Clarice Bruch (Performer)
Magdalen Vaughn (Performer)
Abbie McLaughlin (Sound Recordist)
Max McGuigan (Sound Recordist)
John Black (Editor)
Kane Gestug (Music)
Finn Mackay (Runner)
Gregor McMillan (Runner)

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