About the New Athenaeum Theatre

The New Athenaeum Theatre has hosted a number of events and performances including opera productions, musical theatre, live recordings, televised debates, concerts, award ceremonies and conferences. Thirty counterweighted flying bars are above the stage, ready to reveal your scenery.

Seating capacity


Possible room layouts

Theatre style

Stage dimensions

  • Proscenium Height: 7.18m
  • Proscenium Width: With tormentors out 11.2m
  • With tormentors in 8.0m
  • Stage Width: 21.5m
  • Stage Depth: 10.38m (setting line to rear columns)
  • Width between Fly Floors: 16.3m
  • Stage Rake: Nil
  • Stage Construction: Hardwood floor pallets (1.8m x 0.9m)
  • Pallets can be removed as traps into both pits
  • Stage Detail: See attached ground plans
  • Orchestra Pit: Movable 60 sqm pit lift doubles as forestage

Lighting and Electrical

  • Power Supply (LX): 120 x 2.5kW 15Amp Permus dimmer outlets (10A Fuse)
  • 18 x 5kW 32Amp Permus dimmer outlets (20A Fuse)
  • 1 x 125Amp 3-Phase auxiliary power outlet located Upstage
  • Left. Beak-out coffin splits to 6 x 63Amp CEEFORM
  • supplies over 3 phases
  • 13Amp power sockets available throughout venue
  • Power Supply (Sound): 16Amp Technical Earth sockets available onstage
  • 13Amp Technical Earth sockets available in control rooms
  • LX Control Location: Back of auditorium in dedicated control room rear of stalls
  • LX Control Desk: MA Lighting Grand MA or Strand 520i
  • House Light Control: Through DMX from dimmers. House light override switch
  • placed on DB board at prompt position DSL
  • Incoming DMX: From desk, or production position mid-auditorium left
  • Outgoing DMX: Hard-line to dimmers with patch to both fly floors
  • Network: CAT-5 infrastructure fully patchable from control position
  • to stage and auditorium
  • Power Cables: Adequate stock of 2.5m, 5m, 10m & 20m 15Amp TRS cable,
  • Socapex and CEEFORM


  • Sound Control Location: Back of auditorium in dedicated control room or back of
  • stalls in FOH sound position
  • Mixing Desk: Soundcraft K3 – 32 channel or Yamaha LS9 – 32 channel
  • Patch: Full GPO in & out patch
  • Mic Inputs: 28 separate mic inputs spread across the venue
  • Playback: 2 x Denon MD-2300R Minidisk decks
  • CD playback available on request
  • Dynamics & Effects: 2 x DOD R-831 Graphic Equalisers
  • 1 x Yamaha SPX 2000
  • 1 x Yamaha REV 100
  • 1 x Bel BD-80 Delay Unit
  • Amplification: 4 x Crown k2
  • 1 x Cloud CX-A6 Hard-wired to ceiling speakers
  • Speaker Patch: 4-pin XLR in & out patch to whole venue
  • Speakers: 2 x Electrovoice 12×2 in centre cluster
  • 1 x Electrovoice 15×2 in centre cluster
  • 5 x Electrovoice S-200
  • 2 x Electrovoice SH-1512
  • 2 x Tannoy T40
  • 2 x Tannoy Leopard
  • 4 x Bose 802
  • 18 x JBL ceiling speakers permanently installed to
  • auditorium circle ceilings
  • Microphones: Refer to Academy-wide microphone stock list to hire
  • Microphone Cable: Refer to Academy-wide cable stock list
  • Intercom: Technical Projects Intercom Hard-wired
  • Induction Loop: Yes AVX PDA-1000 Induction Loop System
  • Show Relay: Yes Relay hard wired out to source-selectable speakers
  • in all parts of the building

Air conditioning


Floor plans

On application

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