Stevenson Hall | Licensed Concert and Events Performance Venue

With fixed seating for 355 and finished in natural wood with marvellous acoustics, this concertvenue will provide you with a larger multi purpose space and can be used for conferences, award ceremonies, large press events,rehearsalsas well as a concert venue. A full lighting rig is in place as is a high specification sound system. Projection has been tastefully added to this room.

Seating capacity

  • 355

Possible room layouts

  • Theatre style

Stage dimensions

  • Stage Width 17.5m
  • Depth of Stage 12.9m(front front row from back wall)
  • Height to Catwalks: 8m
  • Height under Galleries: 2.5m
  • Dock Door Dimensions: Piano Store has largest access door: 1.74m x 2m
  • Stage Door Dimensions: SL: 0.95m x 2.28m, SR: 0.95m x 2.19m
  • Piano Store Area: 33 sqm00
  • Stage Construction: 22mm Ash


  • available on request


  • Sound Control Location: Back of auditorium in dedicated control room
  • Mixing Desk: Midas Venice 24 channel
  • Patch: Full GPO in & out patch
  • Mic Inputs: 36 separate mic inputs spread across the venue
  • Playback: CD and Minidisk systems are available
  • Dynamics & Effects: 1 x Klark-Teknik Square One Graphic EQ
  • 2 x Klark Teknik DN370 Graphic EQ
  • 1 x Klark-Teknik Square One Dynamics
  • 1 x Yamaha SPX 990
  • Amplification: 8 x D&b E-PAC 2
  • 1 x D&b D12
  • 2 x Crown k2
  • Speaker Patch: Whole rig is hard-wired
  • Speakers: 4 x D&b Ci60 flown in main FOH array
  • 4 x D&b E3 providing in-fills for front rows & galleries
  • 4 x D&b MAX 15 stage monitors
  • 2 x D&b C7 Subs
  • Microphones: Refer to Academy-wide microphone stock list to hire
  • Microphone Cable: Refer to Academy-wide cable stock list
  • Intercom: Technical Projects Intercom Hard-wired
  • Induction Loop: Yes AVX PDA-1000 Induction Loop System
  • Show Relay: Yes Relay hard wired out to source-selectable speakers

Air conditioning

  • Yes


  • Power Supply: 120 x 2.5kW Zero88 chilli dimmer outlets (10A Breakers)
  • 4 x 5kW 32A Zero88 chilli dimmer outlets (20A Breakers)
  • 12 x 2.5kW 16Amp non-dim outlets on LX facility panels
  • 2 x 5kW 32Amp motor control outlets
  • 1 x 125Amp 3-Phase auxiliary power outlet located
  • Upstage Left. Beak-out coffin splits to 6 x 63Amp
  • CEEFORM supplies over 3 phases
  • 13Amp stage power sockets available throughout venue
  • LX Control Location: Back of auditorium stalls in dedicated control room
  • LX Control Desk: Avolites Pearl 2010
  • Secondary control & backup from XTBA Backfade unit
  • House Light Control: Stage right door, LX control position
  • Incoming DMX: From desk, returns can be adapted from LX facility panels
  • or over network
  • Outgoing DMX: Fully Patchable from control position to any LX facility
  • panel and dimmers
  • Network: CAT-5 infrastructure fully patchable from control position
  • to any LX facility panel
  • Power Cables: Adequate stock of 2.5m, 5m, 10m & 20m 15Amp TRS
  • cable. Socapex also available for truss fixtures

Floor plans

  • On application

Piano available

  • Steinway Model C

To arrange asite visitand or quotation please contact our Space Planning and External Events HireDepartment,Andrea McManus.

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