We will make every effort to listen and respond to the feedback of candidates and the community.We will investigate and resolve a complaint fairly and quickly.Any alleged instances of contravention of child protection policy will be handled with the utmost care and will be referred to the police.

Complaints concerning exam centre conditions

The applicant (not the candidate) should address a complaint regarding environmental conditions of the exam centre in writing to the Graded Exams Administrator within seven days of the examination.The Administrator will endeavour to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within three working days.

The Royal Conservatoire’s Head of Traditional Music will investigate the complaint in communication with the examiner and/or exam centre staff concerned.A decision will then be made and the Conservatoire will endeavour to make it known to the applicant within three weeks of the acknowledgement.

If a complaint is upheld, the Head ofTraditional Music will notify the applicant of the result in writing, plus whatever actions will be taken to rectify the situation.

Appeals against an exam mark

The Scottish Traditional Music Graded Exams’ foremost guarantee of an expert’s honest and fair assessment of a candidate’s performance is our examiner’s experience and proficiency in the discipline in question.In addition, all examiners are trained to assess candidates using the same qualitative criteria, designed to ensure parity in assessment between all grades and disciplines.

An appeal can be made against a decision reached by an examiner only if the applicant considers that the examination was improperly conducted.

The applicant must send an appeal in writing to the Head ofTraditional Music within two weeks of the results’ despatch. The appeal should be accompanied by a fee of £15 per candidate (or £150 for a group of ten or more candidates) and a copy of the mark sheet(s) concerned.

The Graded Exams Administrator will endeavour to acknowledge receipt of the appeal within three working days.An investigation will then be conducted.

If the appeal is substantiated, the applicant’s fee will be returned, along with a voucher entitling the candidate(s) to enter again at the same grade, same discipline, in the next exam session.If the appeal is unsubstantiated, the fee will be retained and a written summary of the investigation will be sent to the applicant by the Head ofTraditional Music.