Welcome to the ETCH Festival

By students, for students, our team has created a diverse programme of cross-disciplinary works.

We are so excited to share them with you!


  • 31 Oct: Amazonic
    Follow this exploratory journey of original works from our dance and composition students.
  • 3 Nov: Chamber Music Showcase
    Emerging from the ashes, watch our first performance after lockdown at the restored site of Cuningar Loop along the Clyde River!
  • 5 Nov: Urgency
    The musical theatre students are soundingthe alarm and calling on us to examine the way we impact the world.
  • 8 Nov: A Guide to Stargazing
    Indulge in an audio experience which takes you through a mindful appreciation of the night sky to an introspective examination of our relation to nature.
  • 10 Nov: Storytelling and Song
    Using a medium at the heart of Scottish culture , the RCS Storytelling and Song club share moving works through colourful lenses of the world.
  • 12 Nov: Community Outreach
    Find out about the fantastic efforts our outreach team have carried out to empower the younger generation!


At the ETCH Festival, we believe that art has power.

Power to communicate messages and to empower others through our work. Our artists have created projects which collectively celebrate the Earth, grieve for past and future loss, and educate on what must be done next.

These involve original student works, imbuing old pieces with new messages, as well as community outreach efforts to make our platform more accessible.

We hope our festival engages you and encourages you to investigate your connections to art and to earth.

” Art, freedom and creativity will change the world faster than politics.”

– Victor Pinchuk

Storytelling and Song

A warm welcome to you all! This is the RCS Storytelling + Song Club’s contribution to the ETCH Festival 2021.

We set out to explore the stories from around our planet which show the connection between humanity and the natural world. There are folktales and songs from every corner of the globe which emphasise the interdependency of our species and the rest of the planet, and we have chosen a couple of these to share with you here.

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