Welcome to the Fair Access Expo 2023

Hello and welcome everyone. I was delighted to present our Fair Access Expo for 2023.

The Fair Access Expo was an exciting all-day event for people interested in Film and/or Production Arts or Technology as a career run by the Fair Access Team at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The whole day was interactive where those who attended worked behind the scenes with industry experts in creating an amazing pop-up performance.

Those attending the Expo formed creative teams who:

• Made and painted the set
• Designed and operated light and sound
• Worked with documentary filmmakers
• Built robots
• Chose costumes for performers

Film and Production is an area of growth in Scotland and training can lead to a viable and rewarding career in the creative industries.

Want to find out more? Why not scroll through our Expo page to learn about some of the industry experts involved and watch our film from the day. You’ll also find a useful some lovely success stories from some of our Fair Access students who have been part of our programmes in the past.

– Jesse Paul, Head of Fair Access