Live in Aberdeenshire and want to join a community choir, learn about filmmaking or take part in drama workshops and more?  

Introducing North East Arts Hub 

Brand new in 2018 the North East Arts Hub is an exciting collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council. The activity for the North East Arts Hub has been designed in consultation with an advisory group made up of key members of Aberdeenshire Council’s Cultural Services,  local arts and Cultural organisations and education providers. It offers unique access to Junior Conservatoire and Community Engagement Programmes.

Who is the North East Arts Hub for? 

The North East Arts Hub aims to support people in Aberdeenshire of all ages and stages interested in a variety of art forms. Providing access to high quality teaching and multi-arts activities at both community and conservatoire levels, projects will be bespoke and specific to the Aberdeenshire area in offering 

  • taster activities in the arts 
  • bespoke training for young people in performing and production arts  
  • signposting to further training in performing and production arts education  
  • CPD opportunities for educators and teachers 
  • collaboration with existing arts programmes in the area 

What activities does the North East Arts Hub offer? 

Participants can become involved in two streams of activities 

Community Engagement Projects 

  • Traditional Music Band 
  • Drama workshops 
  • Composition and Production Projects 
  • Film Projects 
  • Community Choir 

Junior Conservatoire 

  • Traditional Music 
  • Drama  
  • Film (online) 

Contact Us 

If you would like to find out more about the North East Arts Hub, please browse our pages for news and upcoming events, ‘like’ us on Facebook and Twitter or get in touch by emailing: Neartshub@rcs.ac.uk 


The North East Arts Hub initiative is financially supported by The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council and Transitions.  

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