Transitions Dance

Transitions Dance offers free, specialist training to young people who are interested in pursuing a career in professional dance.

This is designed for young people between the ages of 12-17 (Pre-Juniors aged 7-11 years), who can demonstrate ability and potential, together with the necessary commitment and determination to study dance at a high level.

The successful applicants will receive free, high-quality conservatoire-style training from the Royal Conservatoire as well as a bespoke mentoring and personal development support for their future training ambitions.

The modern ballet training and support provided by Transitions will be highly practical and tailored to an individual student’s needs. A personal learning plan will be created for each student based on their specialism, the age and stage they have reached, the skills they have attained and attributes they demonstrate.

Activity for each supported Transitions dance will vary from student to student, but might include:

  • classes in ballet, which will include pointe work (girls) and virtuosity (boys)
  • repertoire
  • contemporary dance classes
  • supporting subjects including Pilates and body conditioning
  • intensive spring and summer schools
  • 1-2-1 career development mentoring
  • specialist master-classes from visiting artists
  • coaching and support in the development of personal statements, portfolios and applications

The style of engagement will be open, supportive and fun, but will also be challenging and hard work at times. Commitment, energy and focus will be expected by the teaching staff and your fellow students.

Another key part of the Transitions Dance scheme will be developing the skills, knowledge and enterprise required in training for a career in professional dance.

By the end of the training each student will also have:

  • developed the ability to reflect critically upon their training and performance
  • understood the options for training in Scotland and further afield
  • understood the relevant application and audition expectations
  • shared their insights from the Transitions programme with their peers and mentor

If you have any specific questions about Transitions Dance please get in touch.