Dec 9 2016



Richesis one of our first contemporary dance students and one of our youngest,starting with the initiative in September. This year, she’ll be taking part in a wide range of short courses and weekend classes at RCS via her Transitions place, but not before answering our questions”¦


Name: Riches Dikko


Transitions Route: Contemporary Dance

The best thing about dance? Being able to let yourself go and flow with the music. Being able to teach others and be inspired by other.

Recently I have been learning about…? how to tell a story through dance and interpreting a storybook into a proper dance.

Greatest achievement so far? Actually being accepted into the Transitions initiative and being able to perform.

In 10 years time I will be….?An award winning triple threat and an inspiration to others.

My role model is…? Michelle Obama, because she isgreat ateverything she does.

If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be…?Pasta -because you can get different variations of it.

IfI could be an animal…? I’ll be a sloth with the fierceness and speed of a cheetah, but will also be able to go as slow as a sloth if I wanted to.

My favourite book is…? ‘So You Want To Tread The Boards?’ by Jennifer Reischel. It’s my favourite because it gives you an insight of the performing arts world.

My favourite musician/band…? Has to be Drake, because his music has a backbone and story to it.

My favourite album is…? ‘Life of Pablo’ by Kanye West, because all of the songs on the album were really lit and hyped.

My favourite film is…? ‘Selma’, because it’s based on a true story and makes you feel something.

Currently I am watching…? The Missing on BBC iPlayer.

My advice for someone applying to Transitions is…? Just go for it and give it your all, because you are applying to literally the best performing arts centre on the whole of Scotland and if you are willing to contribute your time, you can improve yourself for the better.