11 Nov 2016


Andrew (far left) atthe Transitions ‘Activities Day’ last year.


Transitions Production studentAndrew is 17 and began hissecond year withthe initiativein September, receiving a fully funded place at the Junior Conservatoire. This year, Andrew will also be making his first applications forcollege and degree courses. He took some time out from his busy schedule to answer our questions…

Transitions Route? Production

Route specialism?Lighting Designer/Technician

What made you apply for Transitions? Being part of a Focus West school gave me the chance to work with staff from RCS and Chloe from Widening Access to the Creative Industries (then Entry to the Creative Industries) introduced us to Transitions and the different things that could offer. So, I thought I would look into itand after finding out more,I appliedand was accepted to studyattheJunior Conservatoire of Production. I thought it would be a pathway that I could take to see if I would like to work within the Production sector.

The best thing about Transitionsis…?It’s great that Transitions have so many events that help you with different things andimprove your experience. It’s also really goodas it opens many doorways that not everyone can get to.

The best thing aboutProduction is…?Being able to be part of the team that creates the show and makes the magic on stage really happen. You are able to do much that can make the stage look really effective with just simple equipment.

Whathave youbeen learning about recently?As part of Juniors Production Level 2I have been working closely with the Contemporary Actors and the Contemporary Dancers. With those classes we have been looking at how we can enhance their performances with our knowledge of production.

Greatest achievement so far? It definitely has to be the growth in my confidence. I am now able to see myself achieving what I really want to. Ican also see myself getting involved in a lot more experiences than I did before.

In 10 years time I will be hopefully be…? I see myself hopefully having a job as a lighting technician or designer and will have worked on a number of shows.

My role model is…? My English teacher, as when I started Higher English I didn’t have any belief in myself and always doubted what I did. She has helped me become the person I am and gave me the confidence to believe in what I am doing.


Andrew during a Junior Conservatoire lesson and with Head of Production Ros Maddison (below)

If I had to eat only one thing for the rest of my life I would eat…?Pot Noodles.

If you could be an animal…?I would be abird, as I’d be able to fly over everyone and make sure that they’re all good.


…book? The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger.

…musician/band? I listen to many different types as I have a wide music taste.

…album or song? Really into The Enemy right now.

…film or TV programme? Has to be Mrs Brown’s Boys – love a good comedy show!

Currently I am listening to… Get Up and Dance by The Enemy.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about a career in Production? If you were thinking about a career within this area you would need to be hard working and determined. At times it can be a tough-going job, with the likes of rigging and also having to change things depending on the director’s ideas. However, at the same time it’s a very enjoyable sector as you canexplore many different effects and be very creative within it.