Transitions Music

Transitions Music offers specialist training for young people or adults from the age of 12 upwards (Pre-Juniors aged 7-11 years), who reside in key Scottish postcode areas. We seek young people who have a real interest in music and show strong musical ability and potential, together with the necessary commitment and determination to study at a high level.

Transitions study is designed to give students a balanced experience of the various disciplines of music and may include individual instrumental lessons, chamber music, workshop activity, choirs, orchestras, classes and frequent performance opportunities.

All students on the Transitions Music pathway will receive a personal learning plan. There will be compulsory activities and a number of optional classes and lessons. The length and content of each student’s plan will depend on the number of optional activities chosen.

Students will receive the type of considered personal attention that musicians really benefit from with a timetable tailored to their individual needs whether through the Junior Conservatoire or a bespoke pathway. The music curriculum, combined with the Royal Conservatoire’s professional staff and facilities, creates an inspiring experience for aspiring performers.

Study Pathway Junior Conservatoire

Each Transitions Music student will receive 30 lessons; lessons are divided throughout the academic year over three terms of activity. Students will receive a minimum of:

  • 45-minute principal study lesson
  • musicianship class (1 hour)
  • ensemble(s) or related workshop activity

Individual Lessons

All students will receive a first study lesson lasting 45 minutes. Students are expected to devote a considerable amount of time to regular private practice during the week, which is essential if a student is to make good progress.

First study lessons can be provided in the following disciplines:

Violin Euphonium
Viola Piano
Cello Harp
Double Bass Voice
Flute Guitar
Oboe Recorder
Clarinet Saxophone
Bassoon *Percussion
Trumpet / Cornet Composition
French Horn Fiddle
Trombone Clarsach
Tuba Accordion

Second Instrument Lesson

If some students are also interested in taking individual lessons on a second instrument then this may also be provided if tuition is available. These lessons are 30 minutes in length.

*Please note we may be unable to listen to Principal Study Percussion auditions at audition venues outwith the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland due to limited availability of percussion instruments and rooms.


Musicianship is a one-hour class, taught in small groups to develop aural perception, creativity and general musical knowledge. There is a flexible syllabus divided into levels to ensure progress and continuity.

Ensemble and Workshop Activity

All students, in addition to their lesson and musicianship class, will participate in one or more of the following group activities:

First Orchestra (a symphony orchestra of about 80 players)
Chamber Orchestra
Second Orchestra
Wind Orchestra
Big Band
Brass Band
Junior Choir
Senior Choir
Chamber Choir
Chamber Music Groups
Scottish Traditional Music Groups

Optional Classes

There are many optional classes that will provide the opportunity to explore forms of music-making that may be quite different from a student’s regular studies. Visiting musicians offer workshops including jazz, pop, baroque, percussion, improvisation, Scottish traditional music and music from other cultures. As well as the students who take composition as a principal study, a number of students can take it as a class option and can hear their works performed at the composers’ concerts and workshops.

Bespoke Study Pathway

The Junior Conservatoire pathway will not be suitable for some Transitions students due to their age, time constraints or other factors, for these students we can offer a bespoke study pathway to suit your study needs.