How we can support you

It is important to us to ensure our approach to Corporate Parenting is embedded within the key pillars of our institution. Our Corporate Parenting plan is linked to our Strategic Plan and our Fair Access plan [link not yet live].

We know that care experienced young people can face significant disadvantages when it comes to accessing education. At RCS, we want to ensure that care experienced young people have sufficient supported access to creative arts education at all levels. With that in mind – here’s a quick guide to the ways we can support you if you are a care experienced learner.

We are proud of our fair access initiatives for learners of all ages. Our Transitions and Widening Access to the Creative Industries (WACI) initiatives are pre-higher education programmes that focus on widening access for marginalised communities, including those who are care experienced. Through these initiatives, we pledge to improve access and support for our care experienced learners. You can find out more below:


Transitions seeks to help people from key Scottish postcodes, or if they are care experienced up to the age of 26, who would like to study dance, drama, music, production or filmmaking and offers mentoring and funded training.

Widening Access to the Creative Industries (WACI)

WACI works with pupils from FOCUS West schools and offers tailored support to secondary pupils who are interested in progressing in the performing or production arts.



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