Sustainability Committee: open meeting for students and staff on Tuesday 8 February

Sustainability Committee: open meeting for students and staff on Tuesday 8 February

Published: February 1, 2022

The RCS Sustainability Committee reports to the RCS Academic Board and the Board of Governors with goals to increase awareness, visibility, and accountability of sustainable practice across our community.

The Sustainability Committee is holding an open meeting on Tuesday 8 February and all RCS students and staff are welcome to offer thoughts and input on what the key areas of activity the committee will focus on.

It takes place on Zoom, from 3-4pm, and will explore the following in order to form working groups:

  • Production
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Student Experiences
  • Marketing/Recruitment
  • Ethics
  • Artistic Output
  • Estates
  • Information Services
  • Sustainability Policy creation

If you’d like to attend, contact Sustainability for the Zoom link and login.

Ten week countdown to COP26

Students – interested in being part of the Sustainability Committee?

The committe is seeking student representation – one student from the School of DDPF and one from the School of Music but are also open to a rotation of students who would like to be involved.

Are you interested in sustainable practices? Are you part of a student group or network that the committee can connect with? Would you like to collaborate on sustainability initiatives for our RCS community? Join the open meeting on 8 February to get involved or get in touch at

Green Space at RCS

Would you like to be involved in developing green spaces and a garden as part of the RCS campus?

The roof garden provides some produce for our cafe, Where the Monkey Sleeps, but as it is currently inaccessible to most staff and students, the committee isinvestigating other areas around the Renfrew Street building which could be used for students to plant seeds and grow produce.

Sustainable Productions

Ros Maddison and Lynfryn MacKenzie are working with Production students and staff on piloting approaches from the Theatre Green Book to ensure production processes and outputs are as sustainable as possible. Sustainable performance-making practices are being considered over multiple disciplines and artforms with the aim of embedding sustainability within all our performance-making processes.


The committee is exploring a number of possibilities for developing overall efficiencies across the RCS estates including insulation, triple glazing and implementing solar panels.

Green Fingers collaboration with Glasgow Seed Library

The Whittaker Library is developing a project with Glasgow Seed Library to grow plants within the library to make it a greener space and to promote wellbeing.

The library will create a blog series about growing plants, sustainable living and environmental issues. This will be an ongoing project – the goal being to germinate seeds to give back to Glasgow Seed Library to further support the Glasgow community. Speak to a member of library staff for details.

For more information or to get involved, contact

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RCS Sustainability Committee – Reflection on 2021-22

It is over a year since Glasgow hosted the COP26 conference and RCS was involved in many creative projects and performances as part of the programme of events around climate change, including the Etch festival (below), Vital Signs of the Planet, the Climate Portals festival and Climate Café events. A publication, What Can Art Do?