Coorie Doon: A World for Our Children

Coorie Doon: A World for Our Children

Published: November 11, 2022

Global connections at the heart of a special film created as part of the RCS Climate Portals festival during COP26

Take a moment to enjoy this wonderful film Coorie Doon: A World for Our Children, a partnership for #COP26 with Chamber Music Scotland, led by RCS lecturer Dr Rachel Drury with graduate and cellist Simone Seales and harpist and composer Esther Swift.

It was filmed by Tom Swift during last year’s Climate Portals festival at RCS, in partnership with Shared Studios, Harrison Parrott and the British Council, where our portal in Glasgow connected with portals around the world.

In the film, Rachel, Simone and Esther come together with participants in Kigali, Gaza and Erbil to share songs along with hopes and fears for our global future.


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