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Junior Production: Sean

Sean from Fife took an interest in our Level 2 Production course which lets students go behind the scenes…

“Sundays are the best day of the week for me. I’m now in my second year of the course and I know that my specialty lies in theatre technology and management as my favourite classes are about theatre lighting and sound.

We learn from inspirational RCS lecturers and visit industry professionals who have taught me techniques to enhance and transform a show. We also work really closely with the degree students and get to bounce our ideas off them.

For the Christmas show last year, the degree students took us through the process and setup required for the show and we went backstage of the incredible New Athenaeum Theatre. This is absolutely the field I want to be working in as my full time job.

I feel I wouldn’t get these opportunities anywhere else; working with award-winning professionals, industry standard equipment and working across various performance venues.”

Our Production course lets students delve into areas like prop making, stage management and sound technology.