Acting Audition Information

The audition has two parts: a practical workshop, and a solo audition and interview.

  • Practical Workshop

You will be asked to participate in a group workshop which will last approximately 1 hour. The workshop will include exercises and activities which will allow us to see your performance, vocal, movement and listening skills. It’s also a chance for us to see how you collaborate and work with others and use your creativity and imagination.

You do not need to prepare anything in advance for this element of the audition.

  • Solo Audition

Please prepare:

  • Onemonologue which should each last no more than 2-3 minutes. It is best if you pick a monologue where the character is similar age to yourself. We strongly advise performing it in your own accent. You will be asked to perform this without the script.
  • A knowledge of the play that the monologue is from. We may ask you some questions about the play and why you chose the piece.

As part of the audition we will ask you questions about your drama interests and aspirations. The panel will expect you to be able to tell them about theatre productions you have seen and of what your hopes and plans are for the future. Mostly the panel will encourage you to talk freely to them so that they can see evidence of passion, motivation and creativity. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have at the end of the audition.

Please read ourActing Audition Guidance for more information.