We are looking for candidates with potential in musical study and take into consideration both your natural musicality, as well your journey in music so far. The number of places available at the Junior Conservatoire each year are limited and the standard of entry is very high.

We welcome applicants in:

  • Fiddle
  • Scots Song
  • Clarsach
  • Pipes
  • Traditional Piano
  • Accordion

Traditional Music Programme Audition

The audition will cover the four following areas:

Principal Instrument:

  • You will be asked to present two contrasting performances:
    • 1x Set (for example, a March, Strathspey or Reel)
      1x other contrasting tune (for example, Slow Air)
  • Call and Response:
    • Candidates will be asked to listen to a performance of a short tune given by the instrumental specialist panel member. They will then be asked to play the tune back in short phrases, on their principal instrument.
  • Sight Reading:
    • The candidate may be asked to demonstrate sight-reading skills, depending on the candidates learning method to date.
  • Rhythm and Pitch:
    • You may be asked to undertake a series of rhythm and pitch tests, appropriate for the current standard of your principal instrument, to ascertain current level of general musicianship.


Secondary Instrument (including Scots Song, if applicable):

  • If you play a second instrument, you may be asked to perform one short piece.

As part of the audition we are very interested to hear about your musical interests and aspirations as well as giving you the opportunity to ask any questions. There will be time for this towards the end of the audition.

NB: An accompanist will not be provided for Scottish Traditional Music auditions unless specifically requested. You may bring your own accompanist if you wish.

Please note, there is no requirement to have taken any music examinations before the audition.