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What you will study

What you will study

As a dance student in the Junior Conservatoire, you will have a busy timetable of classes to attend weekly in order to ensure you develop your dance technique at the right pace.

Ballet students

  • Working within the curriculum, your classes will focus on technique, stamina, musicality and performance classes. You will learn strengthening, stretching and conditioning exercises which you are expected to practise at home.
  • You will also receive masterclasses from visiting professionals, including dancers from Scottish Ballet.
  • The Junior Conservatoire is split into four levels, and you will attend the classes that are right for your level.
  • Girls will undertake pointe work.
  • You will attend twice weekly. There is also the opportunity to join the Young Ballet Company. An additional audition may be required.

Contemporary Dance

  • Your core dance classes will focus on the foundations of contemporary dance technique, release and floor work.
  • Together with your programme of classes, you will be set individual targets in strength, flexibility, stamina and fitness, which you will be encouraged to practice in your own time.
  • You will develop your solo and group performance skills, building confidence to both perform and take part in the creative process of dance making for various performances throughout the year. You will be encouraged under experienced artistic direction to build confidence in improvisation, creative collaboration and choreography.