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What you will study

As a Junior Conservatoire student you will attend weekly classes and work with your tutor in developing content for a young audience. You will lead the way in developing and realising content for screen and improve your practical skills which you can use in your future training.

Level 1 / Sundays / Sep – June / Renfrew Street Campus

In your first year, you’ll learn the basics of filmmaking, from writing a script, to directing and producing, to filming and editing. You’ll work with our Acting Level 1 students to create your own short films.

Level 2 / Sundays / Sep – June / Renfrew Street Campus

During this course, you’ll refine skills learned in Level 1 though a series of masterclasses and lectures. Level 2 can be tailored to the individual student’s own career aspirations for their preferred role in the film industry. The course will also have specific classes dedicated to more in-depth film analysis of classical and foreign cinema and film history.