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What to expect in the interview

What to expect in the interview

Your interview to the Junior Conservatoire will take place in April 2017. The interview is designed to be an enjoyable experience where we get to meet you and find out your production interests.

There are no set tasks for the interview but the panel will ask you to tell them what related experiences you have had. This might be at school or with a local amateur or youth theatre group but it might also be work you have created, or research you have developed independently or online.

The panel will expect you to be able to tell them about theatre productions you have seen and of what your hopes and plans are for the future. Mostly the panel will encourage you to talk freely to them so that they can see evidence of passion, motivation and creativity.

You are encouraged to bring evidence with you that may help the panel make their decision. This might include examples of artwork or technical drawing, achievement certificates, programmes and photos from events you have been involved in, items such as props, models or costumes you have made (or photos of these), production paperwork such as plans and prompt books or anything else you have that might be helpful.

After your interview we aim to give you a decision within three weeks. If you are unsuccessful in your application, we will offer advice to point you in the right direction of taking the next steps in your education and career.