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What you will study

What you will study

The learning journey of every student in the Junior Conservatoire – Production will be different. We want to work with production artists to enable you to develop your individual skills and talents. The course is a two-year programme where we hope all students will progress to Level 2 successfully. You can, of course, choose to study on Level 1.

Every student is assigned a mentor who will work with you to create a personal learning plan. This plan will determine your studies for the year and may consist of intensive weekend study options, summer schools, one to one lessons with expert teaching staff or masterclasses with professionals or degree students. The programme is designed to be flexible to allow you and your mentor to create a suitable pathway for your interests.

Level 1 / Sundays / Sep – June / Renfrew Street and Wallace Studios Campus

Level 1 is taught as a group class. You will work to gain a basic knowledge of all aspects of production from technical theatre to scenic art. Each week you will work with a specialist in an area of production i.e. lighting, theatrical make-up, scenic design etc.

You will have the opportunity to work in all performance venues in RCS, including the New Athenaeum Theatre. You will also play a key role in the Junior Conservatoire Bridge Week, working with the RCS Central Production Unit to stage manage and assist with all productions over the week.

Level 2 / Sundays / Sep – June / Renfrew Street and Wallace Studios Campus

Having completed Level 1, you will use the second year of this programme to specialise in an area of your choosing – ether Technology and Management or Arts and Design.

This year is much more tailored to the individual and you will be assigned a mentor who will guide you throughout the programme.