Film Level 1: Documentaries

Male Gaze

This documentary is a concept collaboration between Annabel Macdonald and Iona Kerr.

The documentary was created and directed by Annabel and consists of a series of interviews cut together of women talking about their experiences and perceptions of the male gaze.

“We are hoping to show the impact that film, media and society has on young women on a daily basis through the numerous responses we gather and emphasize the universal effect that the Male Gaze creates on young minds.”


Spartacist Uprising

A documentary about the life and politics of Rosa Luxemburg and her role in the Spartacist Uprising of January 1919. This documentary is a concept collaboration between Ivan Wainwright and Cameron Oxley.



Writer/director Joseph Fegan creates this documentary which follows the rise and fall of Syd Barret and his short but infamous career as the lead vocalist, lead guitarist and primary songwriter in the legendary band Pink Floyd.


Why do we believe in Conspiracy Theories?

An exploration of the rise of the modern conspiracy theory and the reasons why we love them so much. A documentary from writer/director David Baird.


Project Bluebook

A short documentary from writer/director team Callum Taylor & Fraser Cox based around finding conclusions from UFO sightings.

The first case is the Washington DC incident of 1952 where 7 lights in the sky appeared above Washington DC. The second is the disappearance of Felix Moncla, where a mysterious blip is found on a radar scope and a jet is sent to investigate but never returns.