Young Ballet Company

This year the Young Ballet Company have been working on repertoire from The Sleeping Beauty, refining their ballet technique and working on creative projects. The pieces presented digitally are from the Prologue of The Sleeping Beauty and a presentation of Class Work. The dancers learned both pieces solely online with only 2 sessions in the studio to rehearse together before filming. They have worked tirelessly with incredible work ethic and dedication to bring this together to share with our viewers. A big thank you to Anna-Madleen Poll for her wonderful music each week and playing live for our Sleeping Beauty presentation.


The Company:

Caitlin Bambrick
Jemima Bath
Emma Campbell
Martha Carrigan
Lola Charalambous
Bella Crawford
Olivia Harrison
Ross Hoey
Amalie Holst
Olivia Hunter
Lucie McLaughlin
Grace Miller
Archie Murray
Aimee Robertson
Beth Speirs
Hannah Sutherland
Joshua Tavares