Welcome to the Production Showcase

Ros Maddison, Head of Production

Welcome to the Production Showcase 2021 where you will see the extraordinary talent of this year’s graduates from the BA Production Arts and Design and the BA Production Technology and Management programmes at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I do not need to underline the extra challenges these students have had over their three years of study but I do want to pay testament to their positivity and resilience in these unprecedented circumstances. They have continually produced work that stands shoulder to shoulder with previous years, despite the fact that much has been produced from home and through online meetings and classes. We have been fortunate enough to keep producing live performances in the Royal Conservatoire’s venues all year and, even when they knew there would be no audience and – in some cases – no performers, these emerging production practitioners have shown a professional commitment beyond their years of experience.

I must also acknowledge here the RCS Production staff whose inexhaustible energy, dedication and good humour has made all of this possible. Finally, I would like to thank all of the amazing graduates, freelancers and friends of the department who have given their time to share their knowledge and experience with all of our students over the past eighteen months. As the industry re-emerges and everyone gets back to work, I know our new graduates will find their place alongside you.

Please look through these pages and enjoy the work of the Class of 2021!